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TWC is a group of people with shared passions, working collaboratively to meet the needs of individuals in a community. Since about the time I started my private practice, I have dreamed of this shared space. Through my own journey, I have learned the importance of utilizing various healing modalities to assist me throughout the way. It can feel overwhelming to know where to start when it comes the world of integrative care and holistic providers, which is why I wanted to create a space that included a wide variety of providers under one "Wellness Space."


The mission is to connect people in the community who are looking for a new type of collective. A collective where people feel safe and supported to show up authentically. A space where we are as equally committed to our own healing, authenticity, learning, and breaking down barriers that no longer serve.

As a member, providers will be able to share services, education, referrals, connect and consult within the community to meet the individual needs of clients served.

meet the

Kate loves sharing her passion for EFT Tapping (emotional freedom technique) through The Energy Barre studio and local workshops. She also enjoys teaching Tween Yoga at Roots to Wings in Newbury for students aged 9ish-12ish. In her spare time she works on hand embroidered clothing goods for select small businesses including Caravan Shop in Amesbury and Wheat in Newburyport.


200-hr Certified Yoga Teacher

Tween Yoga
EFT Tapping
Third Eye Threads Embroidery


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Lesley is a trained and certified Reiki master/teacher, 200hr certified yoga instructor and psychic medium offering online readings. She plans to start offering in-person offerings again soon alongside her current  specials and monthly free readings via social media. Follow her links below to learn more.


Willow Soul Healing & Yoga

Certified Yoga Teacher
Reiki Master/Teacher | Workshops
Intuitive/Mediumship Readings


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headshot_small - Gina Newton.jpg

Gina Newton is a holistic, spiritual, trauma-informed coach that guides you to heal both physically and mentally. After spending over 20 years in a high stress career, Gina found herself in deep physical pain and out of alignment with life overall.
After having been recommended a highly invasive surgery by 4 different doctors, Gina’s path to healing both physically and spiritually evolved. As a result Gina is no longer in physical pain.
Through her business, Gina works with clients to release old/trapped energy from within the body to bring her clients back into balance energetically, through a combination of both physical and mindset healing work.
Gina offers three different levels of coaching packages in addition to virtual/in-person Reiki, Physical Energy Training Sessions. Her primary focus is reconnecting mind & body and building strength both physically and mentally. Gina is of the position that to be well, you need to care for the entire person, mind, body & soul.
Gina's expertise is: reparenting, inner child healing, releasing perfectionism/people-pleasing, anxiety, self love, emotional eating, the mother wound, intuitive eating, building mental/physical strength from within.


Holistic Healing with Gina Marie

Certified Trauma-Informed Coach
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
200RYT | 1:1 Coaching
Personal Training | Reiki

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fjgbeVvp - Megan O'Neill.jpeg

Meg is a marketing expert with over 20 years of experience helping small businesses grow and scale through organic marketing. She understands the challenges that small business owners face and knows how to make marketing feel like less of a burden. Meg has a proven track record of success, having grown her own energy and coaching business to six-figures in its first year. She believes that marketing is all about building relationships and is dedicated to helping her clients get their brand story out into the world with less stress and overwhelm. If you're looking for help marketing your business, Meg is here to lighten the load and make it a more enjoyable process.


Business & Marketing Consultant

Business & Marketing Coaching
Done-for-You Social Media Services
YTT-200 | Reiki Master Teacher

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me white shirt - Lyndsey Haseltine.JPG

Lyndsey creates cannabis products for women and Mavens on the femme spectrum. The mission is to empower all Mavens in their every day lives through the mindful consumption of cannabis. She's been in the cannabis space for about five years and has learned how cannabis could be used to solve actual daily problems, like anxiety, depression, sex drive and actually sleeping through the night, which in and of itself was a revelation. Now that it's legal, and not having consumed since college (100 yrs ago), she dove into learning which strains and  which ways to consume worked for her--- changing her life.

It helped her learn more about herself, empowered her to take better care of herself in ways that felt good/natural, allowed her to cut back on the pharmaceuticals, the booze, and get rid of the side effects/the hangovers, respectively. Cannabis is not a cure-all, it is just a tool in the toolbox of self-care. It just happens to be a pretty great one, once you figure out what works for you. She's here to help with that :)



Cannabis Education
Empowering women & all mavens in their everyday lives through mindful consumption of cannabis

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ED91F71F-FC52-4BF2-AFB5-9C38E4F0A776 - Gena Sis.jpeg

GenaSis believes in exploring the Grand Banquet of Sexuality…your every desire is on the table and you can try all that is possible. She empowers people to be their full, authentic selves and live lives filled with joy, pleasure and vitality by encouraging them to explore and expand their sexuality. She loves helping couples remember what made them fall in love in the first place by improving their identification and communication around their desires and turn-ons while creating an atmosphere of fun play. She has 35 years of sexual curiosity and personal experience living outside the lines of conformity, exploring bi-sexuality, polyamory, kink, energetic/Tantra and much, more.


4GBS Coaching

  Certified Erotic Blueprint Coach Certified Accelerated Evolution Coach
Couples Coaching


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Img_2022_11_15_20_11_53 - Jaimee Lynn_ed

Jaimee is a licensed massage therapist with several certifications in alternative body work therapies. Jaimee takes the time to meet with each client assess goals and works with each individual to achieve optimum health and wellness for mind body and spirit through therapeutic body work.
Jaimee's dream and vision when starting her own business is to create a wellness center with a tribe of practitioners working together to offer unique services for health and wellness.


Wild Tribe Wellness, LLC

Licensed Massage Therapist
MFR Certified | Reiki Level 2

Graston Technique Certified
AS in Nutritional Science

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IMG_1401-1 - Darcie Pervier.jpg

Darcie is a PT with 20yrs experience and has learned that women do not get the care they deserve/need in traditional settings. Initially focusing on postpartum, her expertise has grown to include treatment of pelvic pain, perimenopause and complex health issues. With her performance enhancement certification and the background of a PT, she helps guide women to reach both their fitness goals and health goals. Using her several certifications including holistic treatment of pelvic pain and perimenopause, she draws from an eclectic and individualized approach for each client including coaching principles/approaches, exercise and manual therapy including internal PT when appropriate, as well as blood sugar management during perimenopause. Physical dysfunction and pain can have many drivers and she makes sure to help women find the right driver of dysfunction to help them to get to root cause solutions!


Newburyport Wellness, LLC

Master of Science in Physical Therapy
Women's Health | Physical Therapy
Fitness and Hormone Wellness


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TC208643 - Katie Hart_edited.jpg

Due to a needed "wake up", come home to herself, and desire to maintain longevity of body, mind, and spirit, Katie began the deep dive of self exploration. She watched as her life slowly expanded and evolved from the quantitative aesthetic of a 20 year professional musical theatre career to a qualitative being-ness thanks to intense healing as well as studies, practices, and a certification in Reiki. She believes in constant growth, evolution, and is grateful for how each of these brought her a little closer to wholeness on the healing journey of love and acceptance. What she learned gave her a blueprint for how she shows up in, relates to, this world, others, and herself. Reconnected to the home and knowledge within, she felt a duty to share and guide others on this journey. As a practitioner, I operate as an energetic guide in order to help others to be an active participant in facilitating their own healing process. Everything is energy, and energy is everything!


Katie Hart Healing

Certified in Reiki I & II
Certified Chiropractic Assistant
Reiki and Energy Work


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DSC_7904 - Wendy Eaton.jpg

Wendy Eaton, is the founder of WE Empower, and a reformed body hatred expert.  She discusses her past hatred of her body, obsession with her size and never feeling at peace in her skin. When she got engaged in 2019, it was a catalyst for her to ditch dieting and start feeling confident in her body so that she could strut down the aisle on her wedding day.
After healing the relationship with her body, she wanted to share what she learned with others. Her goal is to help women so that they can ditch insecurity and build a body confident life. "I don't want another woman to waste years of her life hating her body, and that is where I come in."
She supports clients with the knowledge and background of body image challenges and then arms them with helpful tools like journaling, mantras, self-talk, meditation, and more to help them heal their relationship with their body.
"I know what you have been through and am here to help!"


WE Empower

1:1 Body Confidence Coach
Certified Group Fitness Instructor

Seasonal Workshops

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6AAE9C21-63CF-4604-BE90-937C009720DA_1_201_a - Tricia Capello.jpeg

Capello is a multi-faceted artist and creator. She is gifted with keen intuitive abilities for identifying connections and receiving divine guidance and messages. Her extensively exhibited fine art photography is focused on meditative visuals and spiritual portraiture. She has a vast background in events and marketing, pioneering cross-platform partnerships for brands such as Volkswagen, The Sundance Film Festival and the MCA Chicago. In addition she: has been a contributor to LA and Boston Yoga magazines, is a Kundalini Yoga instructor, a mother of two young boys and was the Co-Director of BlessFest. Capello loves magic, laughter and playing in nature. She is focused and passionate about SELF evolution both personally and being of guidance for others.


Tricia Capello

Photographer | Poet
Kundalini Instructor | Intuitive
Event Producer & Marketer


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06B1B2D4-6560-45EC-835E-F682D82BD8B8 - Megan Hughes.JPG

Megan brings 17yrs experience and a wide range of clinical expertise to her practice. When she had her daughter nearly 9 years ago, her journey into understanding pregnancy, birth and postpartum began. After years of working in a traditional medical setting, she opened her private practice in Newburyport. She treats all adult individuals assigned female at birth, who present with any pelvic floor dysfunction. She is deeply passionate about helping individuals navigate pregnancy, feel empowered about the birth experience, and reconnect with their bodies postpartum. She offers Reiki healing and finds Reiki to help reduce stress and anxiety, promote relaxation and sharpen intuition. She often combines Reiki into pelvic floor sessions (with consent), and also sees individuals for Reiki alone.


Elevate Pelvic Health & Wellness

Doctor of Physical Therapy
Pelvic Floor PT | Reiki Master
Traditional PT Services by Request


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Carly Soare is a certified Speech-Language Pathologist and Executive Function Coach. She developed the Authentic Emotional Regulation program for parents who are looking to cultivate a closer connection with their child, (and themselves!), even in the midst of meltdowns and challenging moments. Through her Parenting With Intention coaching sessions, Carly merges her comprehensive understanding of child learning development with real-life parenting experience. As a mom of two deeply-feeling and enthusiastic children, she brings compassionate understanding and immediately applicable ideas to each session.


Parenting with Intention

Pathologist, M.S., CCC-SLP
Parent Coaching & Workshops


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SarahBaroudHeadshots-22 - Sarah Baroud.jpg

Sarah has worked with children and families for 11 years through outpatient community mental health.

She switched her primary focus in 2021 to

perinatal mental health.

She continues to work with adults around other topics (parenthood, relationships, identity, anxiety, etc)

as well as adolescents.


Practice Makes Present, LLC

Licensed Independent
Clinical Social Worker
Individual and Couples Therapy
Workshops | Groups | Consultation

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Nicole - Nicole Gordon.jpg

Nicole is a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant and the owner of Delightful Dreamers, LLC, where she supports families with children from birth through age 5 with getting better sleep. Before starting her business, Nicole worked in Early Intervention for ten years, and she is also a certified lactation counselor. Nicole takes a holistic approach to her work in supporting better sleep and focuses on sleep hygiene and gentle, responsive strategies. If you would like to learn more about Nicole and Delightful Dreamers, LLC, you can visit


Delightful Dreamers, LLC

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant
Certified Foster Adopted Baby & Toddlers
1:1 Sleep Coaching Services for Families


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IMG_20220715_131943_837 - Meagan O'Neill.jpg

Meagan wholeheartedly believes in empowering families to take the wheel, let out the sail, and navigate through rough waters to their goals.

She has been practicing pediatric physical therapy since 2004 and over the years has collected countless hours of continuing education in a variety of topics.

In 2020, she became a children’s yoga teacher and a Certified Infant Massage Instructor. Most of her career has been working in early intervention with the birth–three population. She really  enjoys working with babies and their families to make a positive impact as well as empower families to make informed decisions for their children.

Kidding around yoga teacher
Certified Infant Massage Instructor
DMI level A trained
Master of Science in Physical Therapy
Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, CT



Ahoy Baby Physical Therapy & Wellness

Mobile Pediatric PT Ages Birth to 5
Infant Developmental Movement Groups
Infant Massage Workshops
In-Home Infant Massage Instruction

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