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Shadowy Leaves


"We may not be responsible for the world that created our minds, but we can take responsibility for the mind with which we create our world."

Gabor Maté

Starting therapy or even returning to this practice can be a big decision and the first step in your healing journey. Investing in your own

self-care and prioritizing your needs

is the key to inner growth.

"Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn't you - all of the expectations, all of the beliefs - and becoming who you are."

- Rachel Naomi Remen 


A few words about my approach...


My approach to therapy is designed to be different. I believe therapy should be a unique and dynamic journey tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Traditional talk therapy can be useful in some situations, but it has its limits when we need to dig deeper beyond the surface. 

In order to truly address mental health, especially trauma, we must look beyond just the mind. "Mental health is health," involves the entire body and all its systems. This awareness is woven into all that I do and will support you in becoming your own expert as we rebuild trust within, boost your intuition and reconnection to self, while releasing any limiting beliefs we may be carrying. 


I integrate nontraditional techniques, somatic therapies like EMDR, parts work, and mindfulness with the opportunity to also utilize Ketamine Assisted Therapy. 

I believe in our intrinsic ability to move towards healing. Sometimes these abilities become blocked, limited and feel inaccessible when we experience trauma, stress or other challenging experiences. This can leave us feeling disconnected, dissociated and heavy. 

We will work together to unlock your inner wisdom and navigate challenges in a way that resonates with you.

I understand the impact of past experiences and create a safe, supportive environment where you feel empowered to heal with compassion. As you shed old patterns and release what no longer serves, you will form new pathways for a journey towards your authentic self. This is your journey, and I'm here to walk alongside you, offering guidance and support as you explore, reclaim and thrive.

Unable to get into the office? I offer telehealth sessions as well as in-person at my Newburyport office.

I utilize a confidential, HIPPA compliant EHR system where we can meet virtually. You will be sent an appointment reminder with a link individual to your session. 


What's Trauma-Informed?

A trauma-informed, approach creates a space where one can feel safe. Where healing is a collaborative effort in working towards the goals of the individual. Trauma-informed care looks at the whole person and how the impact of traumatic events, regardless of the severity or memory, have an impact on day to day functioning.

The importance of creating safety in the healing space, allows us to access our vulnerability. Allows us to break down intergenerational trauma cycles, shift our thoughts, shed old narratives / patterns that no longer serve. Activating this new awareness within our systems, creates a beautiful open space where connections form and the evolution continues.

"Healing isn't a race, it's a gentle walk. Slow down, feel the ground beneath your feet, and trust your body's wisdom to guide you home."

Inner-Healing Intelligence

We have spent years in the hustle and bustle of rushing through life's chaos, disconnected, and immersed in immediate gratification. Of course we expect healing to function the same way...

Within us, lies a conscious force guiding all life towards wholeness, we possess an inner healing intelligence that thrives in a safe and supportive environment. Our bodies are naturally wired to heal themselves, releasing stress in a specific way. Our fast-paced world often leads us to resist discomfort, and ends up pushing away feelings that could actually be part of the healing process. Just like when our bodies naturally start healing after an injury, this inner wisdom can mend emotional and psychological wounds as well.


Like a plant flourishing in nurturing soil, our consciousness can heal when we let go of ego-driven thoughts and surrender to the experience more organically. By slowing down, being present, and listening as you observe your body's sensations, you unlock a natural healing process.


These uncomfortable feelings are not easy to experience, but are simply your nervous system processing stress – a normal response that even animals utilize instinctively. Therapy helps you slow down, observe these signals, and reconnect with your body's innate wisdom, paving the way for lasting well-being. 

* I want to acknowledge that this idea can feel dysregulating and unsafe. Part of the work is rebuilding trust with parts of us that have been protecting us and carrying past wounds or traumas that may have been passed down from generations. Your experience is valid and it's important for a safe space to be held for your story. 

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