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It's your time to heal, to break the cycles which no longer serve & align with your highest self. You may not be 100% ready, but ready enough for change & to take the first step. You will grow. You will heal. You will
ARISE into who you are meant to be. 

Mind. Body. Soul.




About Ashley Mahoney, LMHC, PMH-C

Hello! Thanks for taking a moment to learn a little more about my practice and holistic offering. I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with 15 years of experience in the mental health field. I believe in a strengths-based, trauma-informed, collaborative approach where a person can feel safe to be present throughout the therapeutic process.


A trauma-informed, collaborative approach means that we work together to bring in awareness and start to break down intergenerational trauma cycles so that you can start to shift your awareness, thoughts and patterns. Trauma-informed care looks at the whole person and how the impact of traumatic events, regardless of the severity, have an impact on day to day functioning. We often minimize our traumatic experiences and have trouble bringing insight into how our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors truly affect us. I believe that empowering people through this process can help them find the insight they need to overcome challenges and negative patterns in order to heal. 


"As a person feels more motivated, more confident to make positive changes, and break ineffective routines, one will find that they can be in control of their own happiness and start to align with their authentic self."


Therapy is not one size fits all, instead the key is to work with each individual to find an approach that best fits one's unique blueprint and needs. Furthermore it is vital to incorporate the whole person, this means looking beyond mental health as just the mind. It is truly the connection of the whole person: mind, body and soul, which must rewire and align in order to truly heal. Treatment approaches may include: EMDR, expressive arts, CBT, grounding interventions, holistic remedies and meditation. 



There are various areas of mental health I have expertise in including: family therapy, working with children/adolescents, culture and race relations, depression, anxiety, perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs), and the LGBTQA+ community.   


I feel passionate about supporting new parents throughout this major life transition and giving them the resources needed to feel confident in their new roles. The term "perinatal" focuses on the period of time from the start of pregnancy and the postpartum period that follows. Over the last 3 years, I have specialized in perinatal mood and anxiety disorders and attended multiple trainings and testing with Postpartum Support International (PSI) to achieve additional licensing as a Certified Perinatal Mental Health Professional (PMH-C).  


"Parenting can be one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs you will have and I work to ensure parents learn to prioritize their own self-care and wellbeing in order to be present in quality moments with their families."


I am an active member in local perinatal organizations, with some amazing colleagues who share my passion for the work and whose missions are educating and supporting this community by spreading awareness and reducing stigma. As a mother of 2 young children, I fully appreciate the spectrum of emotions that come with motherhood. From grieving a loss of your "past self", mom guilt, finding a "work-life" flow, making decisions to stay at home, navigating the pressures of social media, and managing the "mental load" to being overwhelmed with love for these little humans...parenting in this modern world is no joke. I am here to help.


Personally, I work hard on my own self-care and discovery by prioritizing my own healing journey. I found movement in yoga and stillness in meditation. Practicing presence and pause. Breathing in the little moments and breathing through the more challenging. I've learned to listen to my body and to what it needs through diving deep into understanding more about my own nervous system. Although it isn't perfect and takes work, we can learn to become more conscious in our day to day. Take comfort and gratitude for quality moments over quantity and release guilt to welcome in gratitude. 



If the above resonates and/or sparks curiosity I encourage you to explore more of this site, follow the social media communities I have created and of course reach out.

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